Mobility Research



Though the services I offer can be easily leveraged to help you achieve your vision in any industry, I have largely focused my personal research and career on applying my skill set to address mobility issues. Below are a few examples of topics I have explored in that space. For more information on why I decided to focus primarily on mobility, see the background section on my about & resume page!

Areas of Research:

Mobility as a Service

In its most primitive form, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is the repackaging of various mobility options — regardless of mode or operator — into a cohesive, seamless service. I explore this concept from a service design perspective as I am convinced MaaS is the silver bullet for achieving sustainable urban mobility.

Facility Wayfinding

In complement to my MaaS research, I conduct research that explores how physical and digital design can be utilized to streamline wayfinding in large transportation facilities. This work extends my spatial navigation research to focus specifically on how to make intermodal and inter-vehicle transfers seamless.

Iterative Mobility Service Development

Following the principles that I outlined in the process section, I look for ways to rapidly yet incrementally implement new mobility services. My work to date has largely focused on the actual delivery of new products and services, but I am starting to explore how to work with government entities to reform the procurement process to better facilitate rapid innovation.

For an additional example of what I mean by iterative mobility service development, please take a look at this "manifesto" I created in planning school which has guided much of my career: A New Method: a user-centered approach for the design of urban transportation.


For a taste of what I’ve been working on in my career, tap one of the following projects.