Design Research



Design is my primary tool for bringing ideas to life. Whether I'm building a prototype to elicit feedback, sketching an idea to create a shared understanding across multiple stakeholders, or creating that perfect presentation to obtain funding, design is the mechanism that makes my process work. It is for this reason that I continuously conduct research around emergent design methods; it allows me to find new ways to push my work forward. Here are a few examples of the studies I conduct to find new modes of communication.

Areas of Research:

Time-Based Medium Exploration

I’m interested in how video, animation, and sound design can be leveraged to communicate ideas. Here are a few early experiments. More examples of how I've applied these techniques to my professional work are coming soon!

Physical Computing

I’ve done some research into how electronics can be used to prototype experiences and elicit feedback.

Digital Fabrication

Though my work has largely focused on digital services and products, I have done some research into how parametric design and digital fabrication can be leveraged to prototype physical objects.


For a taste of what I’ve been working on in my career, tap one of the following projects.