Bandwagon is a shared mobility company. While with the company, I professionalized its operation, developed new offerings, and led product development.

What I accomplished:

Professionalized Operations

I led a comprehensive professionalization of operations. This included rebranding, building a 24-7 customer support team, rolling out a new sales structure, and automating / outsourcing many aspects of the operation.

Developed New Offerings

In an effort to extend our offerings and test a new market, I piloted a van sharing service to complete the transportation network. The project was an amazing learning experience as we were able to quickly test the concept with little more than a few vans and some marketing materials.

Product Development

I led product design and management. This involved managing full-time and contract workers, designing a React Native app, and iteratively improving the company’s core product — an SMS-based chatbot that sits atop a matching algorithm.


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